Posted by: kairimorgan | 3 January, 2015


Like pretty much everyone else, I’ve decided to get in shape.

Unfortunately, I can’t go to the gym. Shingles. And the most annoying part is I have to self quarantine because I’ve reached the point of contagious.

Oh well. I got out and walked 2 miles around my subdivision yesterday. It took me 45 minutes and I got almost-lost about a hundred times. I wasn’t terribly worried because I had the app TrackMyRun er… running. It actually maps your progress via GPS on your phone. Because of that it knows where you went and how fast and can even monitor your elevation changes. Totally awesome. I haven’t used it in a while, but I still love it.

Better yet, it auto-dumps all my workouts into MyFitnessPal once you’ve linked the two. MFP is the brains of my weight loss adventure. All my workouts are logged there, and all my foods. It even helps you keep track of how much water you drink and has a barcode scanner for your food. I’ve been known to scan the ingredients for a recipe and then tell it how many it will feed. It’s a great way to get someone(thing) else to do the math for you.

Today I did 20 minutes of gentle yoga, and I may well end up going for another walk later. Just maybe not for so long.

It’s been raining for two weeks.

Yes. I went walking in the rain with a viral infection, a fever, and a handful of “don’t operate heavy machinery” pills slowly dissolving in my stomach.

Rain, snow, sleet, or hail you cannot stop…. my monorail? I can’t make that one rhyme.


Posted by: kairimorgan | 31 October, 2014

It’s that time of year again.

The time of year when I decide I want to be skinny by New Years.

I never said I was particularly bright did I?

Doing annual things during your birthday month is a good way to remember them. Like getting an annual physical.

I’m tired of being kinda fat. I wanna be kinda fit. (I’ll take a pass on actually skinny though. I look disturbing when I approach the bottom of my healthy range.)

Maybe the 5-2 diet? It’s getting good reviews.

Sigh. Starting monday. Because nothing productive happens on work days. Except sometimes I unload the dishwasher, which counts for something.

Posted by: kairimorgan | 10 September, 2014

Adulting like a star.

Of all the things to cross my household todo lists, either basics or extras, all that is left is cleaning my craft area and cleaning out my ‘purses’.

Because I have adulted the rest of it like a damn boss. I washed the top of the cabinets because it was about time. I cleaned up the undersink cabinet because I was down there. I vacuumed the office.

I cleaned the bottom of the front closet.

I haven’t been able to get those doors to open properly or stay closed in months because I live with assholes.

It is done.

Say enough, I did all this to avoid casting on one of my last three giftmas presents, doing the math for another, or working on the third.

And I like crafting.

Posted by: kairimorgan | 14 February, 2014


Well, my personal demon space (the craft room), is sort of clean now.

It only took me about 3 hours.

Read More…

Posted by: kairimorgan | 8 February, 2014


So this year I discovered UfYH. We’re going to give it a go.

Most of my house is fairly clean, and I’m trying to get to the point where reseting the whole house takes half a day (I’m looking at you, Monday!)

For now, I’m sitting down the hill at work. I got the inside of my car, trunk and all, cleared out, and now I’m trying to get it clean. Cleaning your car while out and about is a natural 20/10. You can only stand so much.

Posted by: kairimorgan | 9 October, 2013


Being almost done with Giftmess projects means I can do other things, like write!


Yay! Mission Insane here I come!

Posted by: kairimorgan | 18 July, 2011


I’ve decided to leave the last 37 stories (last two lessons) unwritten. I have a feeling that by the time I get that far I’ll enjoy writing them. Plus my hand is killing me and I decided to add nearly 100 kanji into RevTK today.

On the upside, stories through 2005 written. Woot! Victory never tasted so sweet!

Posted by: kairimorgan | 10 July, 2011

Doing the math.

I just did the math.

That’s how I put it anyway. Anytime I need some encouragement I do the math and figure out how far I’ve come or how little is left to go.

From my last two posts it’s easy to figure out that I hate writing RtK stories. On the days I’m writing them I don’t do anything else japanese wise because it takes too much time.
So I did the math on my stories.
I don’t write more than 70-80 stories in a sitting (day) so if you split up the chapters I have left (39-56) I only have nine more days of writing to do and ITS OVER. FOREVER.

Sometimes you just need that little extra push. Never mind that there are hundreds of kanji left to study in those seven days of stories. I don’t think of it like that. No, I have nine days of writing left and at this point that’s all that matters.

I figure maybe a month left total. A little longer if you figure on getting all those kanji to four or more reviews.

Eventually they might even move beyond five reviews. Won’t that be nice.

Now off to the gym like a good little monkey.

Posted by: kairimorgan | 27 June, 2011

Writing RtK Stories pt.2

On the other hand, writing the stories sometimes comes with an amazing sense of accomplishment.

Today I wrote 100 stories even. At least, that’s the way I figure lessons 35 and 36 together as.

Now I’m telling myself that I can do lesson 37 today as well. What’s another 30 something stories when you’ve already done three times that number in one sitting. I started out to do just lesson 35. You can see how this one goes.

I’m tired, cranky, sweaty, and my hands hurt, but I’ve accomplished enough today to keep me going for many to come.

And I’ll keep going. Because if I don’t that will mean I wasted an entire day off doing nothing laundry and something I didn’t enjoy. And only the laundry would have a point.

Sometimes, it really is pure spite that keeps you going. I’ve reached the point where I’m terrified to stop, terrified to lose the momentum. Who knows if I’d ever get it back.

My happiest day on this journey won’t be the day I put that last word into my SRS, it’ll be the day I finish my last story. Because once you’ve done your stories you’re more than halfway there. The rest is all window dressing.

Posted by: kairimorgan | 22 June, 2011

Writing RtK stories

You know I had actually forgotten what a pain in the ass this was.
I’ve finally caught up with myself (to where I was before I contracted the suck) and now I’m having to write stories again.
I have a pretty good insight to why people start cracking around 1300 in this book. Sigh.

I’d also forgotten how much I was going to have using my iPod touch as my only dedicated computer resource. My PC is in pieces and this thing doesn’t even a keyboard.

On the upside, the park I study in during nice weather now randomly has free wifi and the desktop wouldn’t have done any good there anyhow.

So, I’ve written stories up to 1265 and I’ll be finishing up through 1320-40ish before the day is over.

It looks like a three day schedule is going to be the best way of going about this. One day to write stories, the next to transfer to kanji.koohii and study, the last to add them into Anki and k.k.
Never more than 50ish at a go, never more frequent than every other day. Any more than that and I’ll get buried under reviews again.

So, that’s our up to the minute update. With apologies for any typos or freaky autospell corrections that I didn’t catch.

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